Did someone say NEW products?!

Did someone say NEW products?!

Happy New Year from SWAKE! We have been excitedly awaiting 2023 and as a fun way to take on the year we have just launched TONS of new products!!! These new products will take your New Years resolutions to a whole new level! Want to incorporate working out into your everyday routine and look good while doing it? Always on the go and going straight from the gym to work/ run errands? Look no further than the SWAKE 2023 Collection.

From our new classic beauty blender, to our reusable and highly convenient makeup swabs, our new transportable items will make makeup on the go SO much easier! Continuing with SWAKE's key element, sweatproof, after much work we have developed a sweatproof mascara, brow gel, moisturizer, and eye definer! Now, we have every element to a sweatproof life, allowing you to glow while conquering the week. If that's not enough, we have added additional shades to our best-selling sweatproof foundation and have a NEW sweatproof  liquid concealer!

If you want to be a girl boss in 2023, take risks, set goals, challenge yourself, and check out the sweat life. Do yourself the favor and start now for flawless coverage, confidence, and protection to last the 9 to 5 and beyond.

This year don't sweat it, SWAKE it! 

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