About Us

Changing the narrative of sweat

SWAKE is the very first cosmetic company devoted to creating products to last the 9 to 5 and beyond. For every gym-goer, busy mom, college student, and workaholic, SWAKE cosmetics are built different, Sweat-proof, humidity-proof, waterproof, and formulated with skin-friendly ingredients, SWAKE makes wearing makeup easier and healthier. Sweat, while messy and, at times, inconvenient, represents growth, grind, and pushing boundaries. You deserve products that support all that you do and SWAKE is delivering them.

Modern day-to-day life is too busy to stress about reapplying makeup or fixing your hair. We understand that you shouldn't have to compromise your plans or your confidence to make your life work. So let us do the hard part.

  • Vanessa Sachs

    Founder & CEO

    When SWAKE Cosmetics was founded in 2022, Founder and CEO Vanessa Sachs had a specific consumer in mind – “the lifelete.” Defined on SWAKE’s website as an “always-on achiever who feels the pressure to look good regardless of their environment,” the lifelete is who inspired Sachs to create a cosmetics company built with sweat in mind.

    Sachs, who is currently pursuing a master’s degree in consumer analytics at the University of Georgia, first came up with the concept for SWAKE when her family moved to Naples, Florida. The hot weather in the city caused her makeup to sweat off.

    After researching the cosmetics market for products similar to her concept, Sachs found a gap in the availability of makeup meant to endure sweat while also protecting the skin.

  • Salley Wilson

    Director of Supply Chain Operations

    Salley is a UGA Bulldawg studying Business Management, with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Human Resources. Born and raised in Augusta, GA, Salley loves to run, bike, and hike and all things fitness! Salley loves T-Swift and (fun fact) actually ate pizza with her once!

  • Kate Tinney

    Director of Customer Relations

    Kate is a UGA Dawg with a background in Public Relations and an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. Her background in working with small companies makes her a large asset to the SWAKE Team as we scale to a global brand.
    Born and raised in Dahlonega, Georgia, Kate makes taking a walk or run a priority everyday. Fitness has always played a large role in her mental health and wellbeing. This past summer, Kate studied the cosmetic market over in London for 6 weeks. Splendid!

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