Join the sweat life and experience the freedom and confidence that comes with sweatproof cosmetics. Shop our collection today and discover the difference for yourself!

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  • SWAKE01: Sweatproof Foundation

    It all starts with the foundation, that's why our first product is revolutionizing the way we wear makeup. This anti-aging formula contains collagen producing properties which help with puffines, redness, and sweat control.

    Made with natural ingredients and sweat-resistant technology, this foundation is long-lasting and works on any skin type.

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  • Skin-saving ingredients

    Our products are formulated with skin-loving and saving ingredients, such as jojoba oil, collagen, and shea butter.

  • For everyone and everything

    SWAKE is focused on creating cosmetics that are inclusive and exciting. Not only are our cosmetics good for your skin, but they're good for whatever is on your agenda. Sweat on.

  • Durable

    Where other commercially available cosmetics fall short, SWAKE cosmetics are created to last. We use formulas that have been researched and tested to ensure long-lasting coverage and care. For the busiest or sweatiest of days, SWAKE cosmetics are built to last.