The Dawgs Do it Again!

The Dawgs Do it Again!

As the Official Cosmetic Line for the University of Georgia, we just wanted to hop on and say... GO DAWGS! 

The first time the dawgs go BACK TO BACK yet there's soo much more to unpack: there is a new National Championship points record, this was the biggest blowout in a college football championship history, and the NEW record for the largest margin of victory in a college football title game and bowl championship series... HOW BOUT EM'! 

After TCU's first and only touchdown, the dawgs shut down the frogs and came back with 55 points, Javon Bullard forced them to 3 turnovers, and Stetson Bennett flat out went out with a bang. 

Now, Georgia has more National Championships than losses in the last two seasons and we could not be more proud to be a part of the Bulldawg Nation. 

Only 9 days into January and not only has Georgia become the National Champions yet again, but to keep the good news rolling SWAKE's full sweatproof collection is here! So, after buying some Natty merch, check out our new sweatproof mascara, brow gel, moisturizer, eye definer, and beauty blender!

Trust SWAKE like you trust Stetson, and let us be your national champion cosmetic line of 2023! Go DAWGS and go SWAKE! 

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