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SWAKE x Caelan Pavlak

We are so excited to announce the latest addition to the SWAKE Team! Welcome to the team, Caelan Pavlak. 🖤✨

Pavlak is a body builder and fitness influencer who started her fitness career over 5 years ago. Her mindset on growth is inspiring and encouraging. 

Caelan explained how she does not typically use makeup due to her busy (and often sweaty) lifestyle, but she loved the message behind SWAKE and the product itself. She's now a convert to the SWAKE brand and we could not be happier to have her on board!

On her social channels, she often preaches her love for training hard, fueling her body, creating sustainable habits and a healthy mindset, and much more. 

Check out her latest TikTok here: 



“CAELAN10” saves you coin (link in bio) 🧡 SPF15, sweatproof, & waterproof WE LOVE HER

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