SWAKE, the official cosmetic brand of UGA Athletics!

SWAKE, the official cosmetic brand of UGA Athletics!

We are SO excited to be the Official Cosmetic Brand of National Champions. As always, the dawgs know what's up!

SWAKE allows female athletes to glow while doing what they love. They can perform their heart out, even sweating for hours, and their complexion will still look impeccable after. SWAKE empowers female athletes and women on the go to sweat more, worry less, and lasts the 9 to 5 and beyond. With skin-loving ingredients for flawless coverage and 11 different shades to match your skin tone, at SWAKE we have you covered! 

There is nothing worse than having to run errands or go to work right after working out and looking like a mess. With SWAKE's high-performance sweat proof foundation and concealers, you can keep your heart rate and productivity up with full confidence and glowing skin.

So, follow after the dawgs and let SWAKE make your daily, busy life less stressful and more empowering. Whether we eliminate your sweaty complexion on Saturdays between the hedges, allow you the chance to workout during a busy work day, or let you glisten during your everyday routine, SWAKE is with you through it all! You can now smile even in the scorching Georgia heat... now that is a game changer!

Sweat more, worry less, and go dawgs! 

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