SWAKE Around the World

SWAKE Around the World

This past year SWAKE has been all around the world! Reaching 4 continents and 48 states in just our first year, and we could not have done it without you! From North America to Europe to Asia to Australia, we are stunned! 

SWAKE product is in the hands of customers in Indonesia, England, Canada, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Nova Scotia, Great Britain, & so many more fun places! Within the U.S. we made it to a whopping 48 states excluding New Hampshire and Rhode Island, shown in the map above, so if you know anyone from these states or you are from here let us know and check us out! And a big shoutout to our Alaska customers... glad you are sweating over there! 

We are so excited to add new spots to the map this year and make this list even longer. Also, if you have not heard yet, we now have a full Sweatproof Cosmetics Collection! With our sweatproof eye definer, moisturizer, brow gel, mascara, concealer, and foundation, we have you covered to last the 9 to 5 and beyond. So, don't sweat it, SWAKE it. Let us help you get your year kicked off right with flawless coverage as you conquer your days as a girl boss. 

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