If the shoe fits....with Brooks, HOKA, & Karhu!

If the shoe fits....with Brooks, HOKA, & Karhu!

Don't remember the last time you bought running/ workout shoes? Love the look of your shoes but they just aren't comfortable? Below I highlighted three of my favorite shoe brands that all have great options for varying activities while offering supreme comfort and cushion!

Whether you will be running 5 miles a day, walking on campus or at work, or using them in the gym, these brands have you covered!  They are in order of least to most cushion. The more cushion a shoe has, the more expensive it is, however the longer it will last.

How long do running shoes last? Your shoes should never see a birthday! Depending on how many miles you are putting on the shoe and how much cushion it has, the majority should last between 300-400 miles. 

Within each brand, I also split up the shoes between NEUTRAL and STABILITY. A stability shoe is for people that pronate which is where one or both of your ankles and arch curve inwards when walking or running. So, the stability shoe has features that hold your heel in place or push it outwards to correct the tendency to collapse in. The neutral shoe is more of a standard shoe in that it has no stabilizing features, allowing the foot to move on its own. Some common signs of pronation are flat feet and heel and or arch pain. 

***If this all sounds foreign to you but you are intrigued, head to Fleet Feet and get your feet scanned. Here, they offer a FREE scan that includes the exact length of your feet (it is rare to have the same size feet), how high your arches are, if you pronate or not, your instep height, and more! From this, you can get a better idea of what shoe and size would be best for you and it all gets sent straight to your inbox!

Below are the neutral shoes I highlight throughout the article and their price break. For the stability shoes mentioned, the prices should be about the same to the shoe I compare it to. 

Brand Lightweight Medium cushion Most cushioned


Launch ($110) Ghost ($140) Glycerin ($160)
HOKA Rincon ($125)/ Mach ($140) Clifton ($140) Bondi ($160)
Karhu Ikoni ($140) Fusion ($150)


*Refer to the end of the article on which shoes would be best for the gym! Also, running and walking shoes can coincide depending on the amount of cushion you prefer :)

Brooks are one of the oldest, most classic running shoes around. They tend to fit people's feet very well, have a firmer cushion, and overall are a go-to for many avid runners and fitness gurus, as they are in the 20th versions of many of their shoes. 
Neutral shoes
Brooks Launch: the most lightweight
Brooks Ghost: medium cushion, the Brooks classic & their most popular shoe, is one of the most versatile shoes (my running shoe now!) 
Brooks Glycerin: the most cushioned, this would be best for someone running a high mileage or someone who prefers or needs a lot of cushion
Adrenaline: has a guide rail in the back that holds your heel in place, can be compared to the Brooks Ghost 
Glycerin GTS: a more cushioned Brooks Adrenaline/ the stability version of the Glycerin


HOKA is one of the newer running shoe brands and has had a huge impact in the running shoe world. HOKA managed to create shoes with loads of cushion while simultaneously being very lightweight. HOKA has a softer cushion than most and uses a meta-rocker throughout the sole of many of their shoes which propels you forward, giving you an extra push off your feet. THEY CAN SOMETIMES RUN A LITTLE LONG!
Rincon: most lightweight 
Mach: a great performance shoe, very lightweight and great for racing but can also be a good training shoe
Clifton: medium cushion, the classic HOKA, is lightweight yet also has great cushion
Bondi: has the utmost cushion, is a bulky shoe but way lighter than it looks, good for nurses and people on their feet all day, a great running shoe for people needing extra cushion
Arahi: medium cushion, is most similar to the HOKA Clifton, yet of course with added stability features
Gaviota: most cushioned, can be compared to the HOKA Bondi


This is most likely the first brand of the three that you are unfamiliar with. If you are looking for a fun, different brand to try, Karhu is one of my favorites! Karhu is one of the oldest running shoe brands and is based out of Finland. They are known for their fulcrum that they add in their shoes that hug your arch, offering some arch support. It is a common disbelief that all shoes offer arch support, however Karhu is one of the only few that do. Running shoes focus on cushion, whereas arch support comes from adding inserts to your shoes. (If needing inserts, check out the brand Super Feet!) KARHU SHOES RUN SHORT SO BUY HALF A SIZE BIGGER THAN YOUR NORMAL SIZE!
Ikoni: medium cushioned, can be a great running shoe, walking shoe, or gym shoe, very versatile
Fusion: most cushioned, can take a lot of miles
Synchron: very cushioned, has a different look than the average shoe as the soul is silver and made out of AeroFoam Nova midsole (a very cool/ funky shoe!)
*Karhu also has some really fun, stylish everyday shoes!
Great gym shoes: Brooks Launch, Brooks Ghost, HOKA Rincon, Karhu Ikoni
*These are some of the more lightweight options meaning that with less cushion they are closer to the ground, making it easier to rapidly switch directions and are more versatile. 


Have a birthday rolling around or want to treat yourself? You deserve it! Grab some new running shoes and your very own sweat proof foundation so that next workout you both feel and look amazing!

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