Ox Sox, odorless socks made by UGA senior!

Ox Sox, odorless socks made by UGA senior!

Have a friend or family member that you never know what to buy for? Christmas is right around the corner and I can't think of one person who does not need a pair of Ox Sox! Ox Sox are completely odorless socks that are 'built to last' whether it's the night on the town, a full marathon, or the 36 hour travel day, they have you covered. 

I had the opportunity to interview Matthew Tesvich, a senior at the University of Georgia and the starter of Ox Sox, to hear what the hype is all about. It was so cool to hear how a simple idea could turn into a business so quickly, so here is his story! 

How did you have the idea to start Ox Sox? "I came up with the idea for Ox Sox after my roommate came home with a towel that lets you wash your hand without soap. So, even if it was raw chicken you could rub your hands on this towel and it would kill the bacteria. I knew that odor stemmed from bacteria so I knew that if I could figure out how to use the antibacterial effects of the towel and combine it with fabrics and materials that are used to make socks, I could create socks that wouldn’t stink."

When did you start Ox Sox? "We did our soft launch about 6.5 weeks ago and were taking pre-orders, so socks are going to start being shipped in the next week or so! We will do a hard launch then."

What has been your favorite part of the business so far? "Going out and meeting people and doing interviews testing Ox Sox on people for content has probably been my favorite part. But, I love doing a little bit of everything. I’m an MIS major so I’m very focused on technical stuff in class but this lets me do a little bit of marketing, PR, writing, and management. It’s a little bit of everything and I love coordinating it all and getting the opportunity to be creative. I think it’s just so much fun, but if I had to boil it down to one thing it would probably be just meeting people."

What's a goal you have moving forward with your business? "One goal is continuing to partner with NIL programs, college students, and college university athletics. We have already had a major D1 baseball program contact us to fit all of their athletes in Ox Sox so that’s been huge, and we want to just continue to do things like that and build brand awareness. I also really want to try and get into fitness studios/ workout locations because I know this is such a great product for that. When you’re sweating and maybe have to work afterwards, especially parents and moms who are going to work right after they work out, I think this is fantastic for them."

So, if you want to support a local business over the holidays and have the coolest stocking stuffers in the room, check out Ox Sox and SWAKE and you won't regret it! 

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