Let Music Elevate Your Workout!

Let Music Elevate Your Workout!

Feeling burned out during your workouts lately? Tired of listening to the same songs over and over again? Below, check out how to elevate your workouts through music!

Music can make a hard or dreadful workout SO much more enjoyable. When you are feeling the songs you are listening to, your energy and mood are boosted, your endurance is increased, you are distracted from what may be a difficult workout, and you are more likely to exercise for longer. 

If you love upbeat music while exercising, check out Big Bootie Mixes on Spotify! Big Bootie Mixes are each about an hour long and definitely keep you on your toes! They were created by two friends who together make upbeat mashups out of popular songs, oldies but goodies, and all things pop culture. It can be so fun to listen to while working out because you don't know what song is coming next, and it keeps things fun, upbeat, and entertaining. You can find these mixes on Spotify, Youtube, and SoundCloud, and they now have 21 different mixes to choose from!

How to make your own workout playlist? I fully recommend going through your music and finding the songs that give you a sudden boost of adrenaline and have the best intros. Once you have a list of your hype songs, consistently add new ones and delete songs you are tired of so that during your workout, you are excited for each new song. Having a playlist of no skips and solely adrenaline boosters can majorly increase your pace and bring a workout from 0 to 100!

You can also queue songs while you are stretching before your workout so if you know when you will need some extra encouragement or when that big hill is, you can put some of your all-time biggest hype songs there. Mine, for example, is Baba O'Riley by The Who and no matter what I am doing, every time I hear this song I want to go and sprint a mile or jump up and down. If you are unfamiliar with it, it is the song they play as the Georgia football players run onto the field, seconds before kickoff, which gets them and the crowd going crazy. Find the songs that do this for you and take advantage of them!

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