If you are in the process of navigating the post college world or are edging up to it, I have the podcast for you... Green-ish! Focusing on what money and kale have in common, Green-ish seeks genuine conversations with visionaries to explore the mission that propelled them, the habits that guided them, with reflection on the roots that got them where they are. Green-ish motivates you to live and be inspired in the now through hearing the experiences and advice of how many female entrepreneurs in the health and wellness world did it. I had the opportunity to talk with Kate, one of the co-hosts of Green-ish, earlier this week discussing all that Green-ish stands for, how they started, and everything in between, and it has quickly turned into a favorite podcast of mine! 

Kate Yarbrough, a senior at the University of North Carolina, and Ariana Luterman, a recent UNC graduate now studying community-based interventions with childhood obesity, connected through UNC's entrepreneurship program. During this semester long condensed program, Kate reached out to Ariana to get a simple cup of coffee which quickly turned into a 3 hour conversation and the start to a new friendship/ future business partner. They both had many aligned experiences and overall shared a passion for the health and wellness world and the business behind it. Through UNC's niche program, they had the opportunity to choose a city to live in for a semester and work for a startup. After months of firsthand experience with different entrepreneurial ventures, as Kate and Ari reflected on everything, they found a gap among their passions and a way to infiltrate it. Entrepreneurship is consistently seen as go, go, go whereas wellness encompasses a hippie and chill lifestyle. Kate and Ariana being interested in both, noticed this divide and decided to form a podcast, cultivating an atmosphere that bridges the gap between health and wellness and entrepreneurship. They say it best, as "hippy-dippy wellness meets girl-boss to inspire our generation to start living now."

Kate and Ariana have concluded their first season of Green-ish where they spoke with a plethora of different girl-bosses who have all disrupted the health and wellness world in different ways. Each guest speaks on their navigation through post-grad and how they made it to where they are today. One way Green-ish stands out over other podcasts is through their thought provoking questions they ask their guests to get to know them on a deeper level such as what are the practices that make you the best founder you can be, what is your daily routine like, and what are your favorite things to do that enhance yourself? 

One of my favorite episodes was "How to Live Your Daydream and Navigating Life Post-Grad with Cameron Rogers." Cameron Rogers started Freckle Faced Foodie, leaving her corporate job on Wall Street to follow what she had been day dreaming about. Cameron gave me an entirely new mindset on daydreaming as she shared that focusing on your daydreams allows you to see what you are truly passionate about. What increases your serotonin levels, what does your mind keep coming back to, and what are you revolving your plans around? Whether you have the opportunity to involve your passions with your everyday work or not, make time to do what you actually enjoy and what makes you a better version of yourself.

Through this episode, Kate, Ariana, and Cameron shared some of their favorite quotes that resonated with me on such a deep level that I could not go without sharing. 

  • "Why listen to someone's opinion if you wouldn't go to them for advice?"
  • "Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind." 
  • "You should have 3 hobbies: one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to keep you creative."

So, if you have not looked it up already, check out Green-ish, and you will leave each episode more motivated than the last and more prepared to conquer your daily life as a girl boss. It was so fun being able to talk with Kate and hear more about Green-ish and am now counting down the days for season 2 ! 

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