Free Full Body Workouts!

Free Full Body Workouts!

Need a switch up in your workout routine? Tired of paying crazy high monthly gym membership prices? If so, you are in the right place! 

As a college student, gym and workout studio monthly memberships can add up fast. As I currently enjoy running as a workout, whenever I try and switch it up to incorporate different muscles and give my knees a break, I do not know where to even start. 

Luckily, during COVID, when there was little to nothing to do and gyms and studios were all closed, I stumbled upon many of these workout videos. It was 2020 and Chloe Ting and workout videos on tik tok were the talk of the town. I began doing a couple of her videos daily as a test trial and was stunned at my results. At first, I was just trying to get some daily cardio in and trying to pass the time, not expecting to see much come out of it, but I was very pleasantly surprised. By the summer, I had never felt or looked more fit even in high school when I was a 3 sport athlete!

These videos can be great ways to get more exercise when you are short on time, the weather is bad out, or you want to stay fit without spending any money. They are also great if the current workouts you are doing are not completely satisfying your needs and you want to add extra special attention to your core, legs, butt, etc. 

Below I have linked some of my favorite workouts where I have seen the most results from!

Thighs, Legs, & Butt Workout (16:21 - Chloe Ting) This is by far the best leg workout video I have found. It is low movement but after doing this for seconds you can already feel the burn. If I do this workout after not having done in it in awhile I am sore the next day so highly recommend checking it out! 

Upper Thigh Workout (5:53 - PopSugar Fitness) This is a great quick intro video to a workout. It gets your cardio up, your heart pumping, and your legs burning! 

Ab Workout (10:00 - XHIT Daily) I have been doing this ab workout since 2017 and still love it! Definitely a good challenge and works your core hard!

Ab Workout (12:00 - Chloe Ting) Chloe Ting's ab workout is also great. I would recommend trying both of these ab workouts as they are around the same length and seeing which one works the best for you!

Intense Full Body Workout (21:15 - Chloe Ting) I try and do this video as much as possible as it incorporates your entire body and within 2 minutes I am sweating! It is high cardio and lots of jumping but has less intense alternatives to each exercise. I even skip through a couple of the jumping parts but overall it is SUCH a fun workout!  

Designating 30-45 minutes daily or even just a quick 10 minute ab workout can make all the difference! I will put "do workout vids" on my to-do list daily and many days I put it off and it becomes overlooked, however, everyday I do it I do not regret it. 

So, I will be partaking in a 30 day challenge starting today that goes until right up to the end of the year where I will be spending 45 minutes on these videos daily and would LOVE for you to join me! What better way to end the year and go into 2023 fit and feeling good?!

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