Brand Highlight: Balega!

Brand Highlight: Balega!

You might think your current socks are fine and have nothing to complain about, however after trying on Balega socks you will never want to go back. Their purpose statement that they have "sustainable, soft, high-performance socks that help individuals, communities, and our planet move forward" speaks for them perfectly. Whether you are a an elite athlete or a beginner, they have the right socks for you. They also make a great birthday present or stocking stuffer for a friend or family member! 

Balega has socks for everyday life, running, hiking, golf, tennis, and cycling. Their socks also range in thickness and cushion and for their ankle socks, they have an extended heel tab that protects the achilles from blisters and rubbing. They are all made out of moisture-wicking fibers which means they have better temperature control, a better grip, and are blister preventing. 

I got my first pair in middle school and have refused to wear any other pair ever since. Their Hidden Comfort socks are their most popular and my go-to. They are on the thicker side, but I use them for everyday life and running and have only positive things to say about them! If you are looking for something thin, the Ultra Light could be a great option, and an in-between sock based on thickness would be the Ultra Glide. 

What is the price range? Balegas range from $16-$20 and although that sounds expensive, they last a lifetime. I have never had to throw out a pair of them and have been wearing them for years. They also have a lifetime guarantee so if you put a hole in them from wear and tear, you can bring them back to the store and they will examine it and give you a new pair! 

Where can I find them? You can find them at local running and sports stores such as Fleet Feet and Dick's Sporting Goods. You can also order them online on Balega's website and Amazon. I would recommend checking out Balega's website before Amazon however, due to their wide variety of options and their "Find Your Fit" selection process. 

Which socks are best for me? On Balega's website, they have a "Find Your Fit" tab where you answer four quick questions on your preferred sock height, level of cushion, special features, and primary activity and from there they will list out which socks should be on your feet! 

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