Another win for SWAKE: What's next?

Another win for SWAKE: What's next?

June 24, 2022

This week, SWAKE took home the first place prize for The University of Georgia's Build/Test Accelerator. After spending four weeks pushing sales and pinpointing the brand's position, SWAKE's founder, Vanessa Sachs, pitched SWAKE to three judges. 

"I love telling the story of SWAKE," said Sachs. "It's something that never gets old because it's still being written."

As a customer of SWAKE, you might be wondering, "what's next?". And we are happy to hear that question. While we gain momentum, we are listening to each and every customer who tries SWAKE to hear their thoughts and feelings on SWAKE 01. 

"The product and the meaning behind the product, itself, is what matters to me," said Sachs. "I want everyone who wears SWAKE to feel seen and heard in their pursuit to be the best version of themselves." 

Sachs is working with a team of manufacturers to release SWAKE's next 3 products in the sweat-proof collection. 

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