All Things Oats With @delaneylovesoats!

All Things Oats With @delaneylovesoats!

Tired of eating the same thing every morning? In need of a breakfast booster? Start your day off right with a yummy oats recipe from @delaneylovesoats !

Delaney is a senior at UGA and is the expert on all things OATS. Her instagram content consistently features new oats recipes, tips, tricks, brands, and all different styles! In each post, she includes a new, yummy recipe with descriptions on exactly how to make it. Her pictures of her bowls are so bright and fun that when she posts a new recipe it is hard not to drop everything and make it right then and there.

Her oats journey all began around two years ago during her sophomore year of college. She was living in her sorority house and would always sleep through breakfast, so she found herself making oatmeal instead. At the time, it was a cheap, easy, and convenient way to make breakfast however, after trying some new fun recipes, she quickly became known for her aesthetically pleasing and yummy bowls. Even Quaker, the King of Oats, started commenting on her posts and today, she is a brand ambassador for Coach's Oats.

As her account mainly highlights her go to oats bowls, she also has made oatmeal pancakes, oatmeal smoothies, baked oatmeal, and oatmeal cookies! I am definitely wanting to try the oatmeal pancakes ASAP!

Delaney's favorite recipe was one she just recently made in honor of peach season!

This included:
½ cup of rolled oats
½ banana
⅓ cup of almond milk
~Microwave for three minutes~

Top it off:
other ½ of banana
peaches !!!!!
& honey

It looks so yummy and I cannot wait to try! So, if you haven't already, follow @delaneylovesoats to keep up with fun, yummy, & healthy recipes on all things oats!

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