A Girl Who Can Do Both! (Exercise + Entrepreneurship)

A Girl Who Can Do Both! (Exercise + Entrepreneurship)

Do you ever get tired of repeatedly walking the same route around your neighborhood or listening to that same playlist every time you work out? I know I do, and if this is you, I have a fun way to switch things up!

It can be hard to fit a daily or even weekly workout into a busy schedule, so what if I told you you could be productive & entertained while working out? Next time you put on your running shoes and headphones, head over to Spotify to give the podcast How I Built This with Guy Raz a listen. 

I personally love to workout at my cities' greenways and canals, however after awhile, I find I need some extra entertainment. Once I stumbled upon this podcast, I have not turned back since.

Guy Raz interviews well-known entrepreneurs, and together, they break down how the business started and what all had to happen for them to be where they are today. It highlights people that found a gap in the market, took a risk, and made something out of nothing. Similarly, after discovering a gap in the cosmetics industry, our very own Vanessa Sachs was able to take a risk and design the first ever sweat-proof foundation!

Every entrepreneur has a different path and procedure that led them to success, therefore, I have found that in each story there is something different to learn. This is not just tips on how to improve a business or start your own, but rather advice on how to enhance your daily routine and boost your goals. When listening to these people's willpower and consistent perseverance, sometimes I forget I am even exercising or even better, am motivated to boost the intensity or go that extra mile. 

Below, I highlighted some of my favorite episodes, however if none stand out, search for your favorite brands to see how they started!

  • Serial Entrepreneur: Marcia Kilgore (recorded on 8/12/19)
  • Lululemon Athletica: Chip Wilson (2/24/20)
  • Outdoor Voices: Tyler Haney (11/25/19)
  • Patagonia: Yvon Chouinard (12/12/16)

& If you want to GLOW throughout your workout, check out SWAKE's sweat-proof foundation!

Happy listening and prepare to leave exhilarated, inspired, and wanting to be an entrepreneur of your own!

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